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Unlock discounts in the Shibnobi Store, win a limited-edition action figurine, gain access to exclusive merchandise ranges, receive discounts and additional benefits within the ‘Shibnobi Verse’, earn rewards through staking, and much more!

Shibnobi Inc. introduces a wild and exciting NFT line based on the classic Shibnobi Shinja. These NFTs will include ultra-rare combinations, such as the chameleon, crystal and Chrysiridia-skinned warriors, wielding shuriken, katanas and war fans. With 10,000 different variations, no two Shinjas will be the same!

Minting price will start at 0.05 ETH and increase by 0.015 for every 2,500 mints.

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The latter end of the fourteenth century brought seas of blood and unexpected betrayal for the clans. War-stricken ruins and broken spirits were all that remained as the Daimyo Lord's presiding ambitions for power were ruthlessly actioned in a vie to rule. Sitting on the throne of the Shogunate of Japan, The Yumi Clan chieftain 'Daimyo - Lord Yamazuki' led a triumphant and victorious siege of power, inflicting blow after blow in the genocidal rampage, with the much-revered war chief and master Shibnobi, Shinja, by his side.


Shinja, alongside his most skillful fighters, was deployed with the full might of the Yumi army for one final slaughter and acquisition of their rival clan’s fortress. Whilst Shinja was away, Yamazuki, concerned that Shinja might betray him and assume the throne, fell victim to the overbearing weight of his paranoia. Deep fractures corroded away his mind, plunging him into a downward spiral of bitter, fearful, and dangerous resentment towards his fictitious archnemesis. Rampant, psychosis-fueled thoughts spawned a plan to secure his rightful throne. Yamazuki’s deviously cruel objectives were arranged in secret, and enacted by an unsavoury hit squad, consisting of the most duplicitous, immoral hired muscle in all the land. A few days had passed, and Yamazuki gleefully received news that his scheme was brought to the expectantly successful conclusion - the cold-blooded murder of Shinja’s wife and pup, and the bodies showcased on the gates of his castle awaiting the return of the brave warrior.


The battle-fatigued army stumbled back to the castle, led by the triumphant warlord Shinja. However, the glory was short-lived as Shinja was met with the limp bodies of both his wife and pup, swinging lifelessly from the portcullis in the cold breeze. Swiftly comes the realization that the unforgivable act was carried out on Yamazuki’s command. The plot thickened further as Shinja, whilst frozen in shock, became surrounded by those he had believed to be his companions as the Yumi General swiftly unfolded the second phase of his iniquitous plot. Shinja was declared a spy and due for immediate execution. Instinctively, Shinja cracked, converting every trauma-ridden emotion into a large, explosive and deadly rage. When his senses returned to him, he realized that he had sliced, diced and disemboweled all of Yumi’s soldiers. Seeing his entire troop felled effortlessly by Shinja, the deceitful, murderous pig, Yamazuki, used the bloodbath to escape.

Buried under their favourite blossom trees, Shinja’s wife and pup were finally at peace. Shinja, however, was very much not, and declared that he’d eternally seek his vengeance on Yamazuki and the Gods who abandoned and betrayed him. So powerful was his passionate, dogged commitment of revenge, that its intensity forced even the Gods to acknowledge his rage-filled battle cry, a poisonous soundwave piercing into the afterlife. The Gods, genuinely concerned for the stability of the very fabric of the multiverse itself, chose to act. The decision was expediently made to put an end to Shinja’s life, placing a rare and exceedingly valuable bounty on his head in the form of a Soul Cleanse (the most desirable of all divine property, providing a route into heaven no matter the transgression). With such a bounty on Shinja’s head, every transcendent soldier has inter-dimensionally shifted into his world in enthusiastic plight of the very item that would save them from the imminent damnation of existence they’d just left. Even the non-battle trained commonfolk have taken up arms. Swords have been drawn and bullets counted, armour polished and warhorses saddled. Shinja wanted a fight… he now has a war!

This is the beginning of Shinja’s passionate journey between the torments of his realm and the worlds in store for him. As he finds his way to the realm of the Gods, fate will change his future for all eternity!

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© copyright Shibnobi 2022